Lighting Solution Service

At Bridge Star, we provide clients more than production. We give solutions to lighting businesses, actualizing their stunning designs and ideas.

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Our Lighting Solutions

With the 100+ partnering manufacturers and suppliers, we offer a wide range of lighting solutions and products for your business. We understand the needs of our overseas business partners and we strive to provide one of the most responsive and reliable services.

OEM Service Process

At the Development Stage, our product engineers will process your requests and develop a solution that suits your needs. Providing us with CAD files of your design at this stage is recommended to help us carry out the solution.

After developing a solution, our production team will create prototypes of the product and send them to you for confirmation before actual production. This stage ensures that the finished products fit your needs.

When the prototype is confirmed, we will start manufacturing your design. The products will be shipped to the designated port after production. Click HERE to contact us.

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Chip-on-Board LED

Our COB solutions are applied to bicycles, cars, and other appliances. We offer designs and creations that are unique to your needs. Contact us for more details.
∎ High-uniformity light source
∎ Superior thermal performance
∎ In any shape, form, and design

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LED Lightings

We supply LED lights in different forms. LED emitting diodes, chips, strips, etc., we have the solution for your situation. Contact us for more details.


Bridge Star has been focusing on creating solutions and manufacturing lighting parts for the bicycle industry. We help our clients develop manufacturing plans based on their designs and carry out the production for them in mainland China. Besides manufacturing the light source, we partner with aluminum, plastic, and PCB suppliers to perform the entire production of the end product to help our clients focus on their market.

Keeping our clients’ designs safe is our highest priority. We undergo regular safety procedures to ensure no confidential information leaks and that all suppliers and manufacturers reach the same agreement.


What we provide
Bridge Star has been providing specialized services for bicycle businesses. We cover services ranging from supplying bicycle accessories for private labeling to carrying out the production for exclusive designs. Besides bicycle-related supply and production, we offer other sourcing and OEM services according to your needs.
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Direct Supply:
     Bicycle accessories, branded products, and other trade services

     Aluminium & plastic products, lighting solutions, and PCB.

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