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Trading and Manufacturing

Trading and Manufacturing

Who are we?

Bridge Star is a Hong Kong trading and manufacturing company specializing in sourcing and manufacturing bicycle-related accessories and other electronics products. We ensure our clients receive goods, services, and works at the most competitive price.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between regions and deliver satisfactory services to our clients at competitive prices and with quality being assured while creating the future of supply chain to assist our clients to thrive in the age to come.

Our Services

∎ Trading: Bicycle and Branded products.
OEM: Aluminium & Plastic products and PCB.

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With the 100+ partnering manufacturers and suppliers, we offer services ranging from creating aluminium die-cast to tailoring print circuit board (PCB). We understand the needs of our overseas business partners and we strive to provide one of the most responsive and reliable services.

Bridge Star is a long-established trading partner to many brands and wholesalers as well. The company has been supplying bicycle accessories, parts, and tools for over 20 years. The quality of the exported products is closely monitored and assured by our office in Greater China. We look forward to keeping up the quality trading services and thrive with you in the coming decades.


The DSMLF run-down

Development & Design: Your needs and requests are processed by our specialists to lay outsourcing and manufacturing plans.

Sourcing: Our merchandisers and strategic planners undergo detailed analyses to match your needs with the most suitable products.

Manufacturing: The quality controlling team and the product engineers collaborate with the suppliers closely to guarantee that your requests are met.

Logistics: Products are arranged and shipped to the designated ports from Hong Kong and China.

Fulfillment: After delivering the products, our after-sales service team is here to ensure your requests are fulfilled.

Our Story

Executive Directors

Samson S, CH - Managing Director

Samson is the founder and existing Chairman of the company. He had over 30 years' experience in product engineering and international business management, supervision, and planning.

Sunny J, SM - Managing Director

Sunny is the managing director and chief financial officer of the company. She has substantial experience in accounting and finance in listed companies and worked as a company secretary in various companies.

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Call Us: +852 2243 3090 / +852 2243 3091
E-mail: ssbsihk@bridgestar.imsbiz.com.hk