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What we provide
Bridge Star has been supplying bicycle lighting and other accessories, tools, and parts to the European market of bicycle dealer shops, Supermarkets chains, and e-commerce platforms. Based on your needs, we offer services including sourcing up to date items, packaging for private label, quality control & inspection, and export logistics, etc.
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Regular products:

  • Bicycle lightings
  • Bicycle Pumps
  • Safety locks
  • Bicycle Baskets
  • Bicycle Stands

Our Services

Bicycle Accessories

● Product sourcing
● Factory inspection & negotiation
● Samples and prototypes
● Product licensing (e.g. REACH)
● Packaging (for private labeling, etc.)
● Quality Controlling
● Shipping and logistics
● Tariff and tax

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We offer a wide range of bicycle products for different market needs. Proceed further to find out more about our bicycle products.

Our Process

Development & Design: Your needs and requests are processed by our specialists to lay outsourcing and manufacturing plans.
Sourcing: Our merchandisers and strategic planners undergo detailed analyses to match your needs with the most suitable products.
Manufacturing: The quality controlling team and the product engineers collaborate with the suppliers closely to guarantee that your requests are met.
Logistics: Products are arranged and shipped to the designated ports from Hong Kong and China.
Fulfillment: After delivering the products, our after-sales service team is here to ensure your requests are fulfilled.


What we provide
Bridge Star has been providing specialized services for bicycle businesses. We cover services ranging from supplying bicycle accessories for private labeling to carrying out the production for exclusive designs. Besides bicycle-related supply and production, we offer other sourcing and OEM services according to your needs.
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Direct Supply:
     Bicycle accessories, branded products, and other trade services

     Aluminium & plastic products, lighting solutions, and PCB.

Portfolio Item
Bicycle Accessories Trade Service
Portfolio Item
Branded Products Trade Service
Portfolio Item
Others Trade Service
Portfolio Item
Aluminium Products OEM Service
Portfolio Item
Lighting Products OEM Service
Portfolio Item
PCBA & Electronics OEM Service