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Bridge Star is your trusted partner in Hong Kong, offering the help you need in sourcing goods from mainland China.

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Products we supply

End products & production parts
Besides bicycle-related products, in recent years, we source other products and production parts for our clients in China as well. Contact us for more details.

Engaging with businesses in China could be challenging and risky, especially that it requires experience in communication, understanding of culture, and knowledge regarding the local policies. We have been providing trade services since 1994, working tightly with different manufacturers in China, Taiwan, etc. We help our overseas partners connect with compatible and loyal product suppliers in mainland China, finding the most fitting solutions to their businesses at different stages. At Bridge Star, we provide a list of services to ensure that the production is carried out soundly and that our partners from overseas could concentrate on growing their market without worries.


∎ Product sourcing
Your requests for products are processed by our supply chain management and product specialists to lay out-sourcing plans. They will make a detailed analysis to match your needs with the most suitable product suppliers.

∎ Factory inspection & negotiation
When a supplier is identified, our managers will visit and interview the manufacturing sites personally for inspection and compliance work. Our team will ensure the safety of our clients’ intellectual property and confidential business information before further cooperation.

∎ Product licensing
Different markets around the world require different product standards and safety requirements (e.g. REACH). Based on our clients’ requests, we perform testings and acquire related documents for them to comply with the governments’ policies.

∎ Packaging
Packaging services will also be provided for branding and private labeling. We are able to provide one-stop services and supply ready-to-sell products based on our clients’ requests.

∎ Samples and prototypes
After reaching agreements with the manufacturers, our merchandisers will deliver the samples and prototypes of the requested items to our clients for final improvements and adjustments before mass productions.

∎ Quality Controlling
Our product specialists keep track of different stages of production to ensure the operations are carried out soundly. The products will also be examined at the finished stage before shipping out.

∎ Shipping and logistics
After the products are manufactured and packaged, the goods will be shipped to its final destination by our freight forwarders for distribution.

∎ Tariff and tax
Our team from Hong Kong and mainland China will manage the tariffs and taxes for exports to ensure that the policies and regulations are followed closely.


What we provide
Bridge Star has been providing specialized services for bicycle businesses. We cover services ranging from supplying bicycle accessories for private labeling to carrying out the production for exclusive designs. Besides bicycle-related supply and production, we offer other sourcing and OEM services according to your needs.
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Direct Supply:
     Bicycle accessories, branded products, and other trade services

     Aluminium & plastic products, lighting solutions, and PCB.

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